Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Rating Teyana Taylor On A Scale Of 1-10.." - 4thQu

[Verse 1]
I try tell em I try tell em / I got dat she want the cock back cuz I kill em / The sickest mc wit ah hammer that’s why I nail em / It was never hard for me to be fruitful look at my melon / I’m well in til' the day I’m well off / Highlight ah night up my book ah be ah tell all / Shit I got my thoughts together taught to never fake it / til' u make it / shit me and my cousin drink and have the realest conversations……And I keep em near and dear / so when I feel the pressure I apply em here and there / So if ever I’m feelin the need to be alarmed / It won’t be for long / It be workin like ah charm / And I mean that from the bottom / From ah distances payin close attention ain’t ah problem so when it comes to knowledge / I’ll be someone you’ll acknowledge / cuz my blood is of ah martyr and my ink is of a scholar / Can u dig it , lights can u dim em / This is how I’m livin its so in ah nigga denim / Its like listen.. all I do is tell truth / Retail details won’t miss ah belt loop /

Are they lookin are they lookin / I hope I ain’t do this shit for nothing better recognize, Don’t be like the rest and just miss me / Profilen cuz they look up as im leavin / We… never seein eye to eye / shittin on em flushin royal ya card just got declined / Still they say they ballin I’m like nigga is u high / and I thought I was on the tree but u really ride the pine / Phenin for the meanwhile if we break and make amends / rate'n Teyana Taylor on ah scale of 1 to 10 /...

... I’m seconds in and I’m on my second wind good thing I ain’t runnin game keep it real and represent / I said I know these bitches thirsty never contemplate / My creative juices flow when I concentrate / So u know me I forever grind / Start ah sentences then hit dem bitches wit never mind / Man fuck is wrong wit my ex / takin pictures of her pussy sent em to me via text / come to your senses you gotta misses this is true / I delete em after peekin u know how niggaz do /
Chorus x1 -- Yeah I said I grind times 3 / I know u might not like it but dis how it gah be / So say what u want about me / I bet real recognize me / I keep it ah hunnit yeah I keep it hunnit yeah I keep it ah hunnit yeah I keep it hunnit say what u want about me I keep it ah hunnit /

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